Text and lists

Tools for sorting lists alphabetically, reverse lists, random sort, remove duplicates, clean unnecessary whitespaces

Reverse list

Sort a list in reverse order

List randomizer

Arrange the items of a list in random order

Sort list

Sort a list in alphabetical order

Add text to each line

Append constant or variable text to each line

Remove extra whitespaces

Remove unnecessary white spaces

Convert tabs to spaces

Convert tabs to the specified number of spaces

Convert spaces to tabs

Convert the specified number of spaces to tabs

Remove line breaks

Remove incorrect line breaks

Remove empty lines

Delete blank lines

Count lines

Get the number of lines

Filter lines

Filter the lines of a list or text

Repeat text

Repeat a text multiple times

Find and replace

Search and replace text

Case converter

Convert case: uppercase, lowercase and more

Count words

Get the number of words

Count letters

Get the number of letters

Remove duplicate lines

Delete repeated lines

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