Resize images, crop images, rotate images, desaurate images, change saturation, brightness, change histogram

Invert colors

Invert image colors

Flip image

Flip an image, horizontally and/or vertically

Darken image

Darken an image

Lighten image

Lighten up an image

Change brightness

Adjust the brightness of an image

Change contrast

Adjust the contrast of an image

Grayscale image

Desaturate completely an image

Change saturation

Adjust the saturation of an image

Change vibrance

Adjust the vibrance of an image

Change exposure

Adjust the exposure of an image

Adjust gamma

Apply gamma adjustment to an image

Sepia effect

Sepia photo effect

Clip image

Clip image effect

Add noise

Add noise to an image

Adjust hue

Adjust the hue of an image

Sharpen image

Sharpen an image

Special filters

Apply special filters

Adjust channels

Modify the intensity of the color channels

Vignette effect

Apply vignette effect

Colorize image

Colorize an image using a selected color

Merge images

Combine images

Crop image

Image cropping

Resize image

Change the size of an image

Image color picker

Pick color from image

Get colors from image

Extract the color palette from an image

Blur image

Blur an image with different filters

Tilt-shift effect

Tilt-shift effect generator

Emboss effect

Emboss effect generator

Color emboss effect

Color emboss effect generator

Threshold (black and white)

Threshold effect (black and white) generator

Posterize effect

Posterize image effect

Solarize effect

Solarize image effect

Edge detection

Detect edges in an image

Edge enhancement

Enhance edges in an image

Round corners on image

Cut-off corners on an image

Rotate image

Rotate an image

Pixelate effect

Pixelate photo effect

Remove noise

Remove noise from an image

Brightness and contrast

Change brightness and contrast

Glow effect

Glow image effect

Equalize image

Increment the global contrast

Adjust HSL

Adjust the HSL of an image

RGB channels

Get RGB color channels

Image histogram

Generate image histogram

Censor photo (blur, pixelate)

Blur, pixelate or censor part of an image

Overlay images

Fuse two images (one on top of the other)

Random bitmap generator

Generate random image

Duotone effect (Spotify)

Apply duotone effect to a photo

Split image

Split an image in smaller pieces

QR code generator

Generates QR codes

Equalize image (area)

Increment the contrast of an area of the image

Image gradient generator

Generate linear gradient images

Image radial gradient generator

Generate radial gradient images

SVG converter (and viewer)

Convert SVG image to PNG, BMP or JPEG

Blurred frame images generator

Add blurred edges or background to enlarge image

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